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TerraRad is working to create synergies between societies and our planet’s finite natural resources. We aim to optimize efficiency and sustainability by harnessing the potential of remote sensing technology. Putting the interest of the natural world at the forefront of our own development, our novel technology presents opportunities in precision agriculture, wildfire, aerospace, and cold region research applications. 





Microwave radiometry is the premier remote sensing technology for soil moisture. Consequently, the European Space Agency SMOS and the NASA SMAP satellites use this technology to monitor global hydrology and soil moisture for weather prediction. Our patented technology can map, from a drone, 5-10 cm depth soil moisture, through crops, with less than 2% error. This provides high resolution maps, enabling practical use cases for agriculture. The system is capable of mapping vegetation water content without saturation observed in other vegetation indices derived from visible and infrared sensors. Our microwave radiometer operates in the 21 cm wavelength (“L-band”) regime of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Satellite-based radiometers lack the ground resolution to view farm-scale data, while radars are hindered by vegetation. Other satellite derived vegetation indices (such as NDVI and Leaf Area Index) do not have the ability to see through crops. Drone-based multi- and hyper-spectral sensors can monitor the top layer of crops, but have no sub-surface measuring capability. TerraRad Tech offers a more proactive approach to crop health as opposed to these reactive methods widely used in the market today. Buried soil moisture probes, also used in agriculture, lack the ability to quantify spatial variability. 

Photo: European Space Agency Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) satellite.
Credit: ESA – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

Bringing Space Tech back to Earth
Generating much greater spatial resolution to help locally

The World’s Most ACcurate Drone Based L-Band Microwave Radiometer.

With a passive microwave radiometer it is possible to penetrate 5-10 cm into the soil and precisely map the soil moisture content of any field in real time. In addition, and at the same time (flight) it can accurately asses the water content of the crops to help determine crop health and potential stresses before showing obvious signs to the human eye.

This all works to ensure a healthy and sustainable harvest while ensuring that the most limited resources, water, is not being applied to where the soil moisture content is already sufficient for the crops to flourish.

Our patented technology could be incorporated with existing smart irrigation systems to ensure the optimum amount of water conservation while simultaneously ensuring healthy and sustainable harvests for the farmers and societies alike.  A win, win for our changing interdependent world in which many societies will deal with a climate that is not only more extreme but also more variable in the decades to come.  Our technology helps ease this variance as it can see the stresses before the human eye and can therefore work to ensure adequate and reliabel harvests. 


Accuracy of Soil and Crop Water Content

analyzing results within the hour


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