A new view for wildfire

The 21 cm long wavelength of L-band microwaves ensures measurement of wildfire radiative power even through thick clouds of ash and smoke. TerraRad provides capabilities not previously possible with infrared (IR) or visible mapping systems.  

Active mapping of wildfire through smoke and ash


Ensure safe deployment of response personnel


fuel moisture assemsment enables analysis & prediction

TerraRad for Wildfire

Due to their relatively long wavelength, L-band microwaves have the ability to pass through small particles unhindered. This physical process allows us to measure the effective temperature of wildfire even through thick clouds of smoke and ash. Use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for active fire suppression is still in its infancy, but TerraRad plans to firmly establish our unique technology in this emerging application.

fast, accurate, and reliable

In emergency situations, reliable and timely data can make the difference between life and death, or at the very least, costly damages to infrastructure. The TerraRad drone-based radiometer provides the needed data to make the critical decisions in emergency situations. L-band brightness temperatures can provide estimates of active fire radiative power and fuel moisture content. Maps of these parameters assist in optimal and safe deployment of emergency response personnel, and prediction of the fire evolution.       

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